PinkCup Menstrual Cup Removing

Leak free for up to 12 hours

It is advised to change your PinkCup menstrual cup within 12 hours.

In the beginning change more regularly until you get to know what interval suits you and your flow.

First time use

For first time removal it is advised to do so in the shower. This will prevent initial accidents or mess. Additionally the hot water makes inserting and removing easier.


Siting in a normal seated position over the toilet shortens the vagina, and makes reaching the tag of your PinkCup menstrual cup much easier for removal.

Removal Process for your PinkCup menstrual cup

Once the seal is broken:

  1. Draw the cup down toward the front keeping the cup upright until fully removed
  2. Tip out contents
  3. Rinse the cup with clean running water or wipe it with a feminine wipe
  4. Reinsert your PinkCup menstrual cup

Do not wash your PinkCup menstrual cup with harsh soaps as they can effect the vaginas ph balance and cause infection or irritation.