PinkCup Menstrual Cup Caring

General Care

Before every cycle, check your PinkCup menstrual cup for signs of deterioration, this includes discolouration ,strong odor, sudden irritation and discomfort. It is advised to disinfect by way of boiling, or replacing your PinkCup menstrual cup.

Care during cycle

You do not need to sterilise your PinkCup menstrual cup during your cycle. It is necessary to sterilise your PinkCup menstrual cup only once a cycle. Keep your cup clean during your cycle by rinsing it with clean running water or wiping it with feminine wipes. You may also use a mild soap to clean your cup during your cycle.

After you cycle

Once your cycle is complete, wash your PinkCup menstrual cup thoroughly and store away in the silk bag provided. Do not store it in a closed air tight container.

Boiling is advised to sterilize your PinkCup menstrual cup. Miltons solution or tablets are also an approved method of sterilization.

When cleaning, make sure to clean the holes at the top of your PinkCup menstrual cup properly.

Discolouration and Odor

Discolouration is normal, and does not affect the safety of the PinkCup menstrual cup.

Should you notice any rips or tears please refrain from use and dispose of your PinkCup menstrual cup. Should your PinkCup menstrual cup develop a strong noticeable odor, it may be compromised and needs to be disposed of.

To dispose of your PinkCup menstrual cup, wash cup thoroughly, cut into small pieces and throw away.

Do not use

Products that contain fragrances or scents or any oil based soaps. No antibacterial soaps needed.

If using a lubricant, a water based lubricant is advised, as other lubricants can degrade the silicone.